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WW08 SW09 SP DK ZACS Goodie

Born: 27-7-2007

Mother: SC DK Starkads Nefertiti, DSM DM

Farther: DK ZACS Byggemand Bob

colour:  NFO n 0922 - black blotched tabby white

World Winner 2008

Scandinavian Winner 2009

Surpreme Premier

Destinguished Show Merit

Show results:
Kitten: 6xBIV - 6xNOM - 1xBIS

Adult: 10xBIV - 17xNOM - 16xBIS

Breeder: own breed


SC DK Starkads Nefertiti DSM, DM

Born: 21-08-2005

Mother: GIC S* Black Islands Gersimi

Farther: EC S* Ulabrands Merlot DM

Colour: NFO g 0922 - blue tortie blotched white

Surpreme Champion

Destinguished Show Merit

Destinguished Merit

Show results:
Kitten: 1xBIV - 1xNOM

Adult: 13xBIV - 19xNOM - 17xBIS

Veteran: 1xBIS

Breeder: Anne Køhn



Born: 20-6-2011

Mother: IC S* NC’s La Isla Bonita

Farther: DK ZACS Habanero

Colour: NFO n 0922 - black blotched tabby white

Lexus i neutred, because she only wants her own company

and hate shows, she lives whit us, and she loves the -

garden and her mother Bonita.

Show results:
Kitten: 4xBIV - 1xNOM

Breeder: own breeding


DK ZACS Guld Karamel

Born: 17-10-2011

Mother: SC DK Starkads Nefertiti, DSM DM

Farther: SC DK Rebicats Poirot DSM

Colour: NFO n 0923 - black mackerel tabby white

Gurli hasn’t develop as we has hoped, she now lives

at Camillas place as a happy neutred.

Show results:

Adult: 1XCAC

Breeder: own breeding

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EC Fabis Dino



Farther: DK EC Silverwoods Big Brown Bastian DM

Mother: DK Hagsteen´s Emma DM

Colour: NFO n 22 - Sort Blotched tabby

Genotype: AADdiissttwY




Show results:

Europa Champion

Felis Danica Top 10 no.10 2002/03

Racekattens Top 5 no.5 2002/03

Breeder: Charlotte Bergquist


DK ZACS Malia Ann Obama

Born: 20-1-2009

Mother: EC DK ZACS Ronja Røverdatter

Farther: DK ZACS Marengs

Colour: NFO fs 0323 - black silvertortie mackerel

                                    tabby white

Titels: only 2 shows she dont like it

Show reults:
2x BIV - 1x NOM - 1 x BIS

Breeder: Own breeding