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We are a family of four, - Susan, Alan, Camilla 25 years old and have her own flat in Glostrup, and Casper 21 years Zindel. It is mainly Susan and   Camilla who are involved even Camilla has moved, but Alan and Casper will give a hand when needed - empyting cat trays, make their fur, providing fresh water and food. We will call our breed ZACS which is a combination of our initials, - because all of us in the family are comitted to our work with the cats.
We had our first norweigian forest cat  in marts 1999, Landgreens Karla, a female, which unfortunately had to be neutralized due to birthcomplications with her first kittens (premature birth, and the kittens unfortunately died).

After this experience, though, we were keen to continue, and wanted very much to have a female, so we could try having kittens again. Our choice was to continue with the father of Karlas kitten, EC Silverwoods Big Brown Bastian, because we thought he was absolutely gorgious. It was so fortunate that Bastians owner, Charlotte Bergguist,  had kittens with Bastian as father, - ready for sale.
We fell for a silver tortie Fabis Amiga, and when we saw her brother, a black tabby Fabis Dino, we had to own both of them.

That was our beginning, something has changed, something will changes, but we will always have ForestCats, what ells ! ;-)))

  Susan & Camilla